From Dark Age to Final Night

The Finer Things

Alessandro Vescovi - Vienna, Vol. 3

Alessandro idly probed one of the many new rents in his tunic as he sat over the canal during Vienna’s pre-dawn hours. A sudden breeze kicked up and wafted the aroma from the waters below towards the vampire. His face screwed up in displeasure. Must all things German stink so horribly, he wondered. Vienna appeared quite an inhospitable place, to be certain. His fine, rich apparel now hung in tatters around his frame, sliced to ribbons (along with his body) by the Inquisitor. It would prove to be a serious undertaking to find a seamstress in this barbarian city up to the challenge of properly mending his clothing, but perhaps he might simply send a courier home to Firenze?

Still, he mused, it hasn’t been all woe and ruined tunics. The earlier part of the evening had proved quite fruitful indeed. And, later, when he had returned with a newer proposal…though Katharina had required some persuasion, Sabine and Serena had proved quite amenable to his suggestion that they retire to his rented room together. For some reason, Ermesinde had grown quite angry and demanded to know just how many whores he kept in his company; she had spied him in the company of no fewer than two more, even after their time together! Alessandro wasn’t quite sure what the delusional woman was on about, but he hoped that she would come to her senses soon enough – he had been careful not to drain her too grievously, hadn’t he?

The Florentine sighed, watching the sparse passers-by across the canal in the poorer quarter beyond. He’d wondered if Aedwulf intended to return to spend any quality time with his newfound lover. While Alessandro could hardly say he found the aging prostitute attractive, if his Gaelic friend had found love and a willing meal, then who was he to judge?
Speaking of his Gaelic friend, the Florentine decided he simply must invite the enchanting Gangrel with whom Aedwulf kept company to join his new harem. After all, he firmly believed that ‘the more, the merrier’.


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