From Dark Age to Final Night

Feral Rage

Eadwulf snapped at everyone that even remotely came near him. He was still feeling the effects of losing his will to the beast. It was a feeling he hadn’t enjoyed. Not being in full control of his own body was something he did not enjoy. He would have to strive harder to not succumb to it again.

Until he calmed down his allies did their best to keep everyone away from him. Saoirse did a pretty good job of keeping him distracted or just smacking some sense back into him if he managed to start yelling at any of the mercenaries too much.

When Wymond had enough of it he sent Eadwulf to an open area away from everyone to train his skills with his axe. He had to learn to use the skills instead of just relying on his supernatural abilities. His axe would have made short work of those people. “You could have split that bastard in two had you just used your head you fool.”

“Fuck off Wymond. I don’t want to hear it tonight.” Eadwulf managed to growl out as he went through his training exercises. “If I see that shit head again I will turn him into a puddle of piss and blood on the floor!” He let out a sigh. “I’m sorry Wymond, you’re right obviously. I’m just mad I let that happen. And I’m mad that woman whoever she was got away with a page of that book. Maybe if we’re lucky though Etrius will treat us with a little more respect.”


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