From Dark Age to Final Night

A letter to Etrius


“Firstly, allow me to apologize for the delay in my response to your offer—I have seen firsthand the risks of becoming blood-bonded to another, more powerful being, and wished to take as much time as I could to reflect upon that.

Of course, I have also had plenty of time over the years to reflect upon my powerlessness in battle. While I have always first and foremost been a creator, I have also been a seeker of knowledge, wanting to both create things of beauty and understand the how and why behind things—this was how I became what I now am, so I also know how seeking further knowledge and understanding is also a risk in itself.

I was unable to help when I witnessed Michael’s death. I was unable to help again, when my new companions and I went to recover the Book of Nod and were ambushed—we barely escaped with our lives. I tire of being ineffective, and for this reason, I accept your gracious offer, of magic, in exchange for a blood bond. "


taninwulf sphinxess

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